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What is big data?

Big data corresponds with the large amount of information and data that companies have access to. In today’s times, information can be accessed easily and is somewhat readily available from a variety of sources.

Many companies are using this big data to improve their services and better their customers’ satisfaction and experiences. This can used through modern day social media sites, such as Facebook, in which customer input through comments and posts are highly valued as they can impact the way the business is perceived in the eyes of the consumer. Using sites like Facebook also allows companies to conduct research or surveys to figure out what services or products their customers may prefer and value and cater their services to appeal to the masses.

Big data is very useful in allowing companies to focus on necessary areas of improvement or figure out what is valued, while omitting or editing the least significant aspects of their business. Big data can be vital to an organization’s strategic development and operations. Certain customers can be identified and classified, allowing companies to focus on capturing the attention of specific target markets.

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