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The Demise of Companies Like Blackberry, Sony, & Dell

The reason why previously successful companies like Dell, Sony, and Blackberry aren’t doing as well as they once did is due to lack of innovation and product development. The company who can be innovative enough to create or improve the ‘next big thing’ has, for the most part, dominated their segment in the tech industry. This is why Blackberry once dominated the smartphone market when they first began releasing Blackberry devices.

The problem occurs when other companies enter the same market with improvements and features that are not offered by the competing company but is valued by the consumer. For example, Blackberry started off focusing on businesses and the professional who can utilize his mobile device for business operations, processes, and communications.

The Dell Direct Model notes key factors behind Dells’ success. This model emphasized the importance of low costs, direct consumer relationships, and virtual integration. High quality and cost effective computers offered at lower prices, allowed for Dell’s success to top the charts. They were the leading seller of personal computers in 1999 in the U.S. Then industry power houses such as Apple and Samsung came along and used many of the features that Blackberry smartphones & Dell computers were capable of doing, but they placed more emphasis on the multimedia aspect in their mobile devices.

Blackberry, Sony, and Dell were all put in a position to play ‘catch-up’ in their information systems and offering to consumers. They focused on releasing newer devices, but the newer devices still lacked the Apps and features that customers were looking for. Although, product development did not slow at Blackberry, Dell, and Sony the innovative aspect behind the once dominating brands were missing. Software developers were in response, taking their services to the brands that would appreciate it the most as they ensured that their products had the capabilities to operate the advances in technology.

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