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Document authorization for use of personal data

Terms and Conditions agreement

CENSA International College as an institution of higher education, established in the City of Miami, USA and sales office in Medellin, Colombia, acts and is responsible for processing personal data, in response to the activities of collection and storage of personal data. Policy Treatment of Personal Data University CENSA International College provides guidelines for the treatment of collected information and consultation procedures and claims that will allow to enforce their rights to access, query, modify, update, and delete the data.

As established in the current regulations, we want to inform you that your personal data will be included in a database and will be used directly or through designated third parties, among others, and merely illustrative manner for the following direct and indirect purposes related to the object and purpose of the University:

  • Achieve an efficient communication related to our services, and other activities related to the functions of the University as an institution of higher education; partnerships , studies, content, and other institutions with which it has a direct or indirect relationship , and to provide general access to information thereof
  • Provide our services
  • Report on new services that are related to the offered or that hath University
  • To comply with obligations to our students, faculty , contractors , contractors , customers, suppliers , and employees
  • Report on changes of university services
  • Evaluate the quality of service
  • Carry out internal studies on consumer habits of the services and products offered by the University

Therefore we request their free, prior, express, voluntary and adequately informed consent, to allow all academic and / or dependencies administrative, collect, collect, store, use, move, delete, process, compile, exchange, treat, update and have the data supplied and incorporated into the various bases or databanks, or in electronic repositories of all kinds available to CENSA International College. This information is, and will be used in the development of the functions of the University as a condition of higher education institution, directly or through third parties.

If you do not want your personal data to be used by the university, you may revoke partially or totally such authorization expressly and unequivocally, directly, expressly and in writing either in physical or electronic means; or verbally, or by any means or unequivocal conduct to reasonably conclude that such authorization or consent is revoked.

How to contact us

  • Address: (EE.UU.) 4481 NW 167th St – Miami Gardens FL 33055
  • Address: (Regional Office for Latin America) Calle 10 sur # 48 b 29 – El Poblado Medellin, Colombia
  • Email info@censacollege.com
  • Phone: (EE.UU) 305-817-8800
  • Phone: (Colombia) (+574) 444 5004

“I consent and authorize prior, expressly and unequivocally that my personal data are processed in accordance with the provisions herein and / or authorization.”

Policy for information processing

In compliance with the provisions of the Statutory Act 1581 of 2012 and its Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013, CENSA International College adopts this policy to the processing of personal data, which will be informed to all holders of the collected data or in the future be obtained in the exercise of academic, cultural, commercial or industrial activities. Thus, CENSA International College states that guarantees the rights of privacy, privacy, good name and university autonomy, in the processing of personal data, and consequently all its actions are governed by the principles of legality, purpose , freedom, truthfulness or quality, transparency, access and restricted movement, security and confidentiality. All persons in developing different cultural, academic, contractual, commercial, labor, among others, whether permanent or occasional, reached CENSA International College provide any information or personal data, may know, update and rectify it.

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