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Mr. Daniello Laine is an experienced Teacher in Miami, Florida. With a Degree in Social Work and a Master’s Degree in Transportation and Logistics Management, Mr. Laine is a competent researcher who has developed his skills across a diverse range of disciplines in the education sector. Mr. Laine is an Adjunct Professor. He teaches Psychology, Sociology, and Human Growth Development for Censa International College. Mr. Laine observed and evaluated student performance in meeting course objectives and learning outcomes through assignments, projects, discussions, or examinations; and provided feedback in a timely manner on student progress.

With over five years of teaching experience, Mr. Laine has delivered engaging and motivating course content as a Reading Interventionist Teacher at Miami Dade County Public Schools. Through his experience working in targeted literacy intervention, Mr. Laine work has honed his skills in effectively planning and instructing according a to range of different curriculums. He has coordinated and facilitated a school literacy intervention program targeted to small groups of students using research-based strategies. He then assisted in the collection of data, analysis of data results and supported the sharing of findings with all staff. Mr. Laine implemented intensive reading curriculum that correspond with Florida Benchmark strategies. Managed whole and differentiated instruction groups for FSA intensive Reading, SAT, and ACT classes. He has become particularly skilled in teaching Reading strategies and Language Arts; and remains flexible to the demands of teaching a diverse range of subjects.

Mr. Laine is a passionate communicator, particularly in expertise he developed for a thesis project in Transportation and Logistics Management. He is a firm believer that transportation is a critical activity that promotes a better quality of living for society, while boosting economic growth through a thriving trade. As a critical thinker, problem solver and analytical mind, Mr. Laine applies a strong work ethic to every area of his profession, acting as a knowledgeable mentor and supervisor to every age group he teaches.


  • Bachelor of Science in Social Work

    Florida Memorial University - United States

  • Master in Transportation Logistics Management

    American Public University - United States

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