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  • DURATION: 2 years
  • LOCATION: On-site/Online

CENSA international College’s Master in International Business Administration degree has the primary objective of ensuring that U.S. and international students develop the tools and foundation needed to expand their current or future businesses to a level of capitalizing on various markets throughout the world. The world has several emerging markets that provide a solid opportunity for business to globalize by offering their products or services where it would become a profitable investment for the company. In order to globalize, however, it is critical that these CEOs, presidents, owners/founder, and decision makers understand the risks and rewards in entering into foreign markets. Aside from new marketing strategies, an understanding of financial responsibilities, taxation, import/export, business laws, and even cultural values must be understood. CENSA’s Masters in International Business Administration program will focus on these and many other critical subject areas to ensure that students are well prepared for the challenges that globalization entitles.

CENSA International College’s Masters in International Business Administration degree combines 45 credits worth of Masters degree level business courses with an emphasis on growing businesses in the global market. The classes are structured in way that the students will grasp a full understanding and knowledge of how their current or future businesses can thrive, grow, and take advantage of other emerging markets with the goal of being profitable. The courses are designed to flow in way that they build upon each other in effort to well prepare the students for the final class which is their International Business Capstone. The capstone focuses on various elements learned throughout the program in which students develop and present a business plan which focuses on the marketing, financial, operative, and various requirements that are needed to ensure the business of their choice succeeds on an international scale. The program is structured in a way where it may take 18-24 months to complete, depending on the student’s pace, allowing them to willfully gain a clear understanding of what can be expected as they may consider business globalization.

For the Online International Business Administration program students using a computer and an Internet Service Provider (ISP), are able to acquire the lecture content and workload a part of the program the same as in a face-to-face course. Students participate in virtual classroom meetings, review course materials online, and interact with other students and the instructor via e-mail, chat rooms and threaded discussions. They interact with classmates and instructors through online communication tools instead of face-to-face. This program is offered in English or Spanish or both.

The Master’s in International Business Administration program will accept no more than 21 transferable Master’s level course toward the Master’s in International Business Administration degree.

Prior to completion student must successfully pass each course as listed in the Course Listing with a minimum of a “C” (75%). Upon meeting the requirements the student will be awarded a MBA Degree.


Course listing

International Business Administration | Master.

Books are required and can be purchased by the student or ordered through the school.
This program is available onsite and online.
This program is also available in Spanish (see policy on learning in a language other than English).

INA 400Introduction to Accounting3
INS 401Introduction to Statistics3
INE 402Introduction to Economics3
INM 403Introduction to Marketing3
BUF 404Business Finance3
*Prerequisite courses are for those have not taken the below courses for their undergraduate Bachelor’s degree, or who did not pass it with a grade of at least a C.
IBN 500International Business3
OPM 501Operations Management3
INM 502International Marketing3
BUM 506Business Modeling3
FIS 504Financial Strategy3
AMC 505Accounting for Multinational Companies3
INF 506International Finance3
ORB 507Organizational Behavior3
IBLT 508International Business Law and Transactions3
GEM 509Globalization and Emerging Markets3
IEPP 510Import/Export Principles and Practices3
GCS 511Global Competitive Strategy3
GISCM 512Global Information and Supply Chain Management3
TAX 513Taxation3
IBC 514International Business Capstone3


Program cost

All values are expressed in current USD except as otherwise noted.

Registration Fee$100.00
Program Tuition$19,900.00
Total investment*$20,000.00
70% scholarship discount available*

*Terms and conditions apply. Ask for our scholarship program.


What can i do now?

If you need more information, you can contact us. You can apply online to this program by clicking the button below.

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