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Bachelor in Psychology


  • DURATION: 4 years
  • LOCATION:Online

Once graduated inPsychology, the graduate will be a professional with an analytical, investigative and comprehensive attitude of the institutional contexts (business, educational, health, sports, investigative, legal, social community, etc.) and social intervening.
The professional in psychology will be able to work in psychological counseling and consulting at various levels, generation, development and management of research projects in psychology, with facilities to participate in projects; Creation of consulting firms and psychological consulting, and exercise of their profession in areas of human resources.

The bachelor in in Psychology is a program designed for students who are interested in the field of mental health. The program consists of courses with 120 credits in total. The wide selection of courses of the program adapts to a diverse population, incorporating multicultural competences.
Psychology is a discipline that studies behavior, behavior, thinking and, in general, the human psyche; Fosters an analytical, sympathetic and pluralistic attitude about the different explanations that are built about the relationship between man, groups andsociety.
The program seeks to train psychologists from an analytical-comprehensive perspective, with competences in research, consultancy and consultation, capable of responding to the challenges of institutions (business, educational, sports, health,
investigative, legal, social community, public entities Or private, NGOs, etc.)

Before finishing the student must have successfully completed each course described in the Course Listing with a minimum of “C” (GPA 2.0). Once these requirements have been met, the student will be awarded a Psychology Degree..

La admisión al programa de RN a BSN requiere un título técnico en Enfermería (ASN) de un programa aprobado por la Junta Regional de Enfermería y una licencia activa como Enfermero(a) (RN) de cualquier estado o territorio en los EE.UU.


Course Listing

Psychology | Bachelor.

Books that may be purchased by the student or requested through the school are required.

EFC 102Effective Communication3
ENC 100ENG Composition3
PRW 103Professional Writing3
PHI 101Philosophy3
SOC 101Sociology3
HGD 104Human Growth and Development3
HUM 101Humanities3
COS 105Computer Science3
APE 123Academic and Personal Effectiveness3
LAM 100Liberal Arts Math3
COA 101College Algebra3
PRS 121Principles of Sociology I3
AMH 200American History3
CRT 202Critical Thinking3
ELP 203Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Counseling3
CMI 204Contemporary Moral Issues3
PSY 103Psychology I3
PSY 104Psychology II3
CUD 205Cultural Diversity3
GSC 206Gender and Sexuality in the 21 st Century3
General Education Courses Total:60
General Education electives (In lieu of any of the above courses)
CCS 207Cross Cultural Studies3
CUA 122Cultural Adaptation3
PSY 405Adolescent Psychology3
PSY 406Psychology of the Elderly3
PSY 407Personality Theories3
PSY 408Abnormal Psychology3
PSY 409/td>Counseling Psychology3
PSY 410Social Psychology3
PSY 420Group Dynamics3
PSY 421Interviewing Techniques3
PSY 422Interpersonal Relationships3
PSY 423Marriage and Family3
PSY 424Community Psychology3
PSY 425Human Relations3
PSY 426Human Sexuality3
PSY 427Psychological Measurement3
PSY 428Statistics in Social Science3
PSY 429Research Techniques in Social Science3
PSY 430Cultural Psychology3
PSY 431Theories of Learning and Motivation3
PSY 432Theories and Techniques of Socio-therapy3
PSY 433Learning, Memory and Cognition3
PSY 434Positive Psychology3


Program Cost

All values are expressed in current dollars (USD) except where indicated otherwise

Registration fee$100.00
Program tuition$47.210
Total Investment$47.310


CIC offers grants of $10,000 and $ 5,000 for the nursing degree programs for those students who qualify under the following categories:

  • Single parent
  • Minority
  • Immigrants under the D.R.E.A.M Act.
  • Head of Household
  • First in family to pursue higher education
  • Veterans

Number of credits transferred may affect grant amount. Contact us for more details..


What can i do now?

If you need more information, you can contact us. You can apply online to this program by clicking the button below.

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