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· Bachelor ·

  • DURATION: 4 years
  • Location: Online

Once the bachelor in Business Administration, program is finished, the graduate will be prepared to perform in activities related to the evaluation and opening of new markets, the search of international resources for the company, the negotiation and structuring of strategic alliances. It will also be able to support the administrative processes of adaptation of the organization to the international environment.
The graduate is a person who has a global vision of the business world, a correct
criterion and respect for other cultures, starting from the recognition of difference.

The bachelor in Business Administration program prepares the graduates to supply the need for professionals with capacity for analysis and negotiation in any medium and culture because of the accelerated changes that affect the world.
The Business Administration Program is designed to meet this requirement, forming a new generation of negotiators capable of working in favor of companies within the modern economy.
This program comprises of courses that may be approved in the Master’s in International Business Administration from CENSA International College.

Before finishing the student must have successfully completed each course described in the Course Listing with a minimum of “C” (GPA 2.0). Once these requirements have been met, the student will be awarded a Professional Degree in Business Administration.
La admisión al programa de RN a BSN requiere un título técnico en Enfermería (ASN) de un programa aprobado por la Junta Regional de Enfermería y una licencia activa como Enfermero(a) (RN) de cualquier estado o territorio en los EE.UU.


Course Listing

Business Administration | Bachelor.

Books that may be purchased by the student or requested through the school are required.

Course NumberCOURSE TITLECredit Hour
ENC 100English Composition3
AEC 200Advanced English Composition3
COA 101College Algebra3
WEC 100Western Civilization I3
AMH 200American History I3
EFC 102Effective Communication3
PHI 106Philosophy3
PSY 103Psychology I3
PRM 240Principles of Macroeconomics3
PRM 241Principles of Microeconomics3
CHE 204Chemistry3
BIO 260Biology3
Course NumberCOURSE TITLECredit Hour
BUA 220Business3
BUA 245Accounting3
BUA 250Marketing3
BUA 260Business Law3
BUA 270/td>Financial Strategy3
BUA 355Information Systems Management3
BUA 365Leadership3
BUA 419Ethics and Professional Conduct3
BUA 495Business Policy and Strategy3
BUA 335Human Resource Management3
BUA 465Import/Export Principles & Practices3
BUA 442International Management3
BUA 455International Business3
BUA 430International Finance3
BUA 435International Economics3
BUA 470International Trade3
EAS 100Earth Science3
LAM 100Liberal Arts Math3
CRT 202Critical Thinking3
AMG 202American Government3
PMP 300Principles of Modern Physical Science3
POS 351Political Science3
AML 300American Literature3
CUG 400Cultural Geography3
SOC 101Sociology3
CUA 122Cultural Adaptation3
GEM 480Globalization & Emerging Markets3
GEM 480International Human Resource Management3


Program Cost

All values are expressed in current dollars (USD) except where indicated otherwise.

Registration fee$100.00
Program tuition$47.210
Total investment$47.310


CIC offers grants of $10,000 y $ 5,000 for the nursing degree programs for those students who qualify under the following categories:

  • Single parent
  • Minority
  • Immigrants under the D.R.E.A.M Act.
  • Head of Household
  • First in family to pursue higher education
  • Veterans

Number of credits transferred may affect grant amount. Contact us for more details.


What can i do now?

If you need more information, you can contact us. You can apply online to this program by clicking the button below..

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